Karting In The Isle Of Man

What is karting?


"The best kept secret in motorsport"   


Action-packed, competitive racing;  a great, friendly atmosphere;  from local clubs to national championships;  Kart racing has to be the best pound-for-pound value to be had in motorsport.…...and for some a stepping stone to other forms of motorsport and even Formula 1.


On the Isle of Man we have the purpose-built Manx National Kart Circuit at Juby – home to a long-established kart racing club as  well as arrive-and-drive karting - with karting to suit all ages, abilities and budgets. 


Sprint racing or Endurance racing, arrive-and-drive or owner-driver, occasional fun or all-consuming passion - there is something for everyone at Jurby.  


The ManxKarting website is your introduction to karting on the Isle of Man – click on the links below to find out more:





Been karting in the past?


Ever fancied getting back out on track and racing again? Are you new to karting and want to find out how to get started?


 What is stopping you?

 Come and try our new purpose built circuit at 1100 metres, rated by many as one of the best in the UK.


 “I don’t have a licence” – Did you know you can now race without needing an MSA licence or a medical?

“I don’t want to spend a fortune on engines” – Did you know that pro-karts, Rotax, and TKM 4 strokes all run sealed engines so everyone races on a level playing field and that pro-karts are now a couple of seconds a lap quicker than they used to be?

 “I don’t have a kart anymore” – We can put you in touch with someone who does to let you have a go and tell you which karts are for sale

 “I don’t have the space or the money to buy a kart” – Then why not join an endurance team and simply turn up and race?

 Now there’s no reason why you can’t race, why not come see us at one of our practice days.

We look forward to seeing you.